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D ivid. Aside from the famous Moon n Sun gourmet flavored cakes with lotus seed, traditional mixtures, and salted egg with black sesame, a wide range of co-branded products are made with new tropical fruit ingredients such as pineapple. The show gathers automobile brands from every automotive segment,. With all the big names present, this event offers an array of cars suitable to any taste as well as a showcase of the most prominent models and technology through-. The products consist of: lotus tea; jasmine tea; Tan. Cuong tea; O Long tea and a variety of filter bag teas.

Each tea box is a sophisticated piece of art representing the long-lasting value of Vietnamese culture. The work is presented in fragments — small, scattered images — where viewers cannot easily grasp the full story from the beginning, as the meaning is intended to release the soul of reflection to guide contemplation and imagination. Through the exhibition, VCCA aims to bring a new type of art to wider audience. Five amazing scenes of narratives of Vietnamese folktales performed by girls on a loom and weave.

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This act is a representation of endless time being woven. The show, elaborately endowed with this theme, is a unique form of expression employing a cast of nearly professional actors and actresses, making it the largest outdoor visual arts performance ever in Vietnam.

For the second time in Hanoi, Vietnamese youth will have the opportunity to explore the root of Ravolution, to discover the RAVO factor and experience Journey to Ravoland. A unique combination of romance, optimism and thoughtfulness, author Truong Anh Ngoc captivates readers with his new traveling journal. Moved by the humanistic writing of a man, the author is capable of depicting a France full of romance, a Brazil with contrasting highlights that take you on a heartfelt journey through the culture, history and people of Europe in the most lively way.

After encountering Percy, a creature with small feet, the yeti Migo resolves to make his adventures to distant lands to unveil the existence of Smallfoot to his community. Is Smallfoot as scary as they assumed? Join Migo to find this mythical creature in September!

CGV theaters nationwide. For a confident look and start of the work day, why not? Awaken your senses with stimulating hotel designs, inspiring cuisines and moments of discovery at every turn. Encounter the unexpected at marriott. All Rights Reserved. The image of courtesy, a mature gentleman is always what the woman of your life expects. Still an outfit that is no less comfortable for the walk, but it is enough to highlight the manly, masculine appearance. For those who love food and always want to discover new dishes on every trip, a simple, neat outfit will not obstruct your passion.

Highlighted by some of the most expensive, impressive will be the notorious choice of the trendy girl when appearing at any event. Launching for the first time since and becoming an annual event, the HWP exhibition has become the largest and most prestigious wedding event in Vietnam. Not just a commercial event, HWP is also a professional gathering of wedding clothing designers, artisans and wedding service brands. Several eye-catching events were held during this exhibition, attracting the attention of thousands of couples. The venue and fashion catwalk were meticulously detailed and organized. Their culinary talent and understanding are the elements that leave their own creative marks. You will be happily surprised to find that the price of the food absolutely matches the quality. That is a top criteria that Stellar Steakhouse places in their service. Chef Jeremy Jouan uses each premium ingredient artfully, unleashing their true tastes to give diners an unforgettable culinary experience.

One of the highlights of the restaurant is the premium dryaged beef. At this time, the beef looks. The meat has taken on strong flavors while keeping its featured characteristics. At Stellar Steakhouse, what excited me the most was the notion of varying spaces in a restaurant. I was led through several destinations with inspirational introductions from friendly restaurant staff. The Cheese Room is a collection of French and Italian cheeses and more than wine bottles carefully placed in glass cabinets.

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Stepping onto the second floor, I was lost in the mystery of a whiskey and sake bar - a glamorous masculine charm. The best way to get acquainted with any city is to walk its streets. Glitzy buildings and ancient monuments can tell one story but you will only realize the true culture of a place when you sit down with locals on stools laid on the sidewalk and share a plate of whatever they are having.

This couldn't be truer for Asia.

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The continent is but a collection of many micro-cultures, often overlapping and influencing one another but each distinct in its own self. From Vietnam to Japan, from Malaysia to Cambodia, each country has its own story to tell, if you take the time to listen patiently enough. The food culture of a country is best seen on the streets.