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I have seen numerous other complaints about this, most without answers. I have already spent close to two hours total on the phone with two different AppleCare people, and now they are seeking help from "the engineers. Has anyone ever gotten this corrected? I do not want to be chained to my desk nor have to buy a router!

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Page content loaded. Feb 18, AM in response to nmlhats In response to nmlhats. You already have a router don't you? That is what the new iMac is connected to via WiFi or Ethernet , correct? So rather than use the iMac why not use the same router for the other devices?

How to Transfer Files From PC to Mac

Does the box that provides internet not have wifi very uncommon? What model and make is the box that is connected to your internet provider the router? How old is it? Feb 18, AM. Feb 18, PM in response to dot. It appears to be just a modem It is a Zyxel PF1 and is probably circa In fact, at some point in the long ago past, probably around that time, I think my ISP tried to sell me a router when I first inquired about setting up a home network.

Then the next day I found out about sharing and never needed a router.

How to Transfer Files From Mac to Windows

I feel like this is an important attribute that Apple offers and that Apple should be able to make its software work properly without my having to acquire equipment I should not need to buy. Feb 18, PM. Feb 19, AM in response to nmlhats In response to nmlhats. Is that the exact model number?

Anyway, since there is no mention of WiFI in the router setup web interface internet sharing seems like your only option unless you can talk your ISP into exchanging the existing non-wifi router with a newer one that has WiFi Zyxel makes many models with WiFi as do many others. Are you paying for your router rental from your ISP? If so, would think they would be able to exchange your ancient non-wifi with another one that does have WiFi for no additional fee just to keep you happy and not looking for another ISP who is able to provide you with service that includes a WiFi model if you let them know how the difficulties you're having with getting a second computer working.

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Even though I have been a customer of my ISP for 19 years and have never had to pay for a modem in the past, they won't send me another one without my paying rent or buy. Anyway, here are some pictures of my settings. Anything typed in or ticked or not ticked is based on imported settings from my old iMac or on something that someone from Apple or my ISP told me to do. Feb 23, AM. Feb 23, PM in response to nmlhats In response to nmlhats. Just came across this little tidbit of how to use your Ethernet internet connection by sharing the WiFi interface which is what you are trying to do:.

This step allows you to name your shared network and a channel, select what type of security suggest WPA2 Personal and give the network a password. Otherwise you never get a chance to define these parameters which all the other things will need to know to connect.

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After doing this do things work now or is this already something you've been thru? Feb 23, PM. Feb 23, PM in response to dot. Unfortunately, been there, done that, multiple times on my own volition and then at the behest of AppleCare. Apple even had me change that password and I also tried different channels. Nothing worked.


Devices still say "no internet connection" on my iMac network. You never did say what kind of device you're trying to connect on the WiFi network. Whatever it is, does it show you the network specifics of it's connection to the iMac that you're sharing? Tip Use the Share tab in Windows File Explorer to send files and folders to the computers on your network. References 5 Indiana University: What is Ethernet? About the Author David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas. Accessed 05 November Wayne, David. I can share from Windows 10 should work with Win7 too to any other ethernet equipped device, Windows and Mac. It is bizarre and roundabout, but I haven't seen anyone post anything quite like this so I'm putting it out there anywhere I can.

Go to the sharing tab and disable network sharing if it is enabled. Go to the sharing tab and enable sharing again make sure both boxes are checked. Any time your network sharing stops working, simply repeat these steps to get it back up and running. And that's it. Hopefully this saves some people a headache! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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