Mac default paper size per printer

All Pages From. Specifies the paper feed tray. If you specify [Auto Select], a tray is automatically selected.

How can I change the default paper size? How do I setup a custom or user defined paper size?

First Page From. Select this setting to print only the first page from the specified tray.

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Remaining From. Select this setting to print the remaining pages from the specified tray. Print Cover Page. Specifies the cover printing. Cover Page Type. Specifies a string when printing the cover. Billing Info. This function is not available. Specifies to use monochrome printing. Specifies alignment to color mode when printing in color. Quality1, Quality2, Feed, Paper. Specifies the print quality, toner saving, paper type, etc. User Authentication.

Set Default Printer Settings for Mac

Select this check box if you set user authentication when printing. User Name. The user name for user authentication. The password for user authentication. Job Type. Specifies the job type. Job PIN. Specifies the job password for Print Stored job. Displays the remaining amount of consumables.

Item Description 1 Pages per Sheet Selects the number of pages that is printed on a sheet of paper. Item Description 1 Collate pages Prints in units of copies by selecting this check box. Item Description 1 Grayscale Specifies to use monochrome printing.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Item Description 1 User Authentication Select this check box if you set user authentication when printing. How to set up DYMO brand label printers. How to set up a Rollo Printer. How to set up standard printers with ShipStation. The exact steps to set up your printer will vary depending on the printer's make and model. This article provides details for the most common thermal label printer brands - Zebra and DYMO - as well as the basic steps for a standard desktop printer like an inkjet or laser printer.

Connect the printer via USB to the Mac you want to use as your printer workstation. Configure the printer defaults in CUPS. Click the heading that matches which printer you'd like to set up for detailed instructions. Most Zebra printers when connected to a Mac will not require installing a driver. Zebra printers provided by your carrier for example, UPS or FedEx may require custom drivers, which should be provided by the carrier representative. Check with your account rep for details.

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Check your printer model's documentation on the Zebra Support site if you are unsure which to use. Click the Use drop-down menu and choose Select Software if the auto-selected choice is the wrong one. You can now set its default options in CUPS. CUPS is the term used for the printer configuration settings on a Mac that you access through a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

If you see a list of your printers, you have successfully accessed CUPS and can skip steps 3 - 6.

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If you receive a "web interface error" that means your Mac is not yet configured to allow access to CUPS. You'll need to enable this option in the Terminal utility app using steps below. As long as the next line that appears in your Terminal is another blank prompt, you are good to go! Quit Terminal and return to your browser. Resolution : This should match the requirements of the specific Zebra printer.

Most will be dpi, but some Zebra printers use dpi. Check your printer documentation for details. These settings can be adjusted as needed to create the best quality label required. The general rule is the slower the print rate, the better the print quality. Test which combination of settings suits your workflow and produces the label print quality you need. You can also print a test label from CUPS to ensure everything is working smoothly. Go to the Maintenance drop-down menu and choose Print Test Page. Follow the procedures outlined below:.

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Once the installer is complete, you can eject the disk image and put the downloaded installer in the trash. If it is not, click the Use drop-down menu and choose Select Software. You can then select the correct DYMO driver from the list. Click the Administration drop-down menu and choose Set Default Options. Set the Media Size drop-down to the 4 in x 6 in option. Set Print Quality to Barcodes and Graphics. Before connecting your Citizen CL-E printer to your Mac printer workstation, you'll need to download the correct driver. Once you have installed the driver, you can then connect the printer, add it to your System Preferences, and configure its settings.

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Download the driver from the Citizen Support Page onto your printer workstation. Open the zip file and then open the driver disk image, ctzcls-cups Open the installer ctzcls-cups Once installed, choose Move to Trash to place the installer into the trash. If this option is not visible, choose Select Software from the Use menu. Click the Administration drop-down and choose Set Default Options. Click the Maintenance drop-down and and select Print Test Page to create a test label. Two labels will advance before your test label prints.

This happens as the printer calibrates to ensure the label roll is installed properly. Before connecting your Citizen CL-S printer to your Mac printer workstation, you'll need to download the correct driver. A significant feature of this larger, industrial unit is the peeler or dispenser. This benefit expedites the labeling process for large-scale operations when shipping batches or multiple shipments.