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Check "Use this as the default and do not ask again". Download the starter package from:. Unzip the archive and copy the contents into a directory, Ex. Throughout the Get Started guide we will refer to the base directory of your development environment as.

Installing Eclipse and setting up Android ADT on OS X v Snow Leopard - Stack Overflow

For example:. Android ADT installation in the next step will use this path to identify the Android development environment. For troubleshooting Android related issues and for more detailed instructions on the Android SDK set-up, please refer to the following:. This package is installed from within Eclipse. Add the url. Eclipse component selection.


After reviewing this selection and accepting the license terms, the downloader fetches the files and puts them in your Eclipse directory. After accepting the certificate and an automatic restart of Eclipse, the installation of the Android ADT is complete. To develop for Android, support for the appropriate Android platform must be installed. Android SDK component selection. Android component license acceptance. The "Local Package Directory" holds the downloaded packages. Choose a download site with a known fast connection near you.

When the package information is downloaded you will see a hierarchical browser to select packages.

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Select the following package from the hierarchy for download:. Select the word "skip" to change it to the actual version number, which is currently 3. Finish the installation by clicking next. Download the NDK package from. It should start, once it does go to the Eclipse menu and Quit eclipse. If you have any shortcuts on the desktop you'll have to remove them and make new shortcuts with the executable.

Installing the Eclipse Plugin

None of these things worked. I was using The Unarchiver 3. Then I dragged the unarchived folder to Applications and now Eclipse runs.

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Seems The Unarchiver was corrupting a file. Very strange, The Unarchiver has never let me down before but this seems to be the problem. I had same problem , But after doing all mentioned above there is no benefit. Then I find out that the reason is I am trying to run Eclipse from a shortcut link, so I delete that and then back to Eclipse root folder and make an Alias from the Eclipse file and then I send it to desktop and now running very well. Instead of running the eclipse app from the Applications folder, simply run it from the original "eclipse" folder to avoid the error.

In my case, I got this error, when I moved only eclipse shortcut to application folder. Had the same issue.

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To solve it, I had to remove the "eclipse" executable in the application folder and replace it with a link to the one inside the Eclipse. Not sure what uncrompression program do you use, but please don't use "The Unarchiver" when you expand eclipse tar. There's a bug in "The Unarchiver" program on the mac that causes this issue to happen.

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Eclipse quit unexpectedly Mac OS X Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 25k times. These are the ones I've tried: Clean the workspace. Open via Terminal with -clean. Download previous "working" version. Downloaded other version. CajunLuke Create a new workspace. David David 71 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Only this solution worked for me - Thanks David!